Apartments owners

TLV2GO property Management Company is on a constant search of new properties that matches the company and its client's standards. TLV2GO staff will be happy to offer you the company management services and to consult you based on our professional experience.


The company management services:

Marketing - We create and implement effective marketing and advertising strategies for your property - free of charge.

Viewing - We show your property to perspective and qualified tenants.

Documentation - We draft and execute the lease between you and your tenant, according to your terms.

Collection - Collection of all payments prior to occupation by the tenant:

Down payment, balance and deposit. Monthly collection in case of long term rentals.

Inspection - Frequent property and tenant interaction, supervision and inspection.

Tenant's service - Availability to tenants and quick response to tenants needs.

Financial statement - Provide monthly property financial statements.

Payment transfer – Transfer owner money every month. Deposit money directly into owner personal account, if requested.

Maintenance - Management of all maintenance and emergency maintenance service provided

If you are looking to rent your property for short terms - days, weeks or months at a time in order for it to remain at your disposal whenever you desire during the year, or if you are looking for investment alternative that will produce higher yield, we invite you to join TLV2GO "property owners family" which already enjoys our top services.

The luxurious brand of TLV2Go is leading the vacation apartments and short term rentals market in Tel-Aviv during the past years. We manage exclusively dozens of assets, we deal with vast variety of locals and foreigners property owners. Our internet site is innovative and user friendly. And the most important thing – our clients come back year after year since they know that they will receive the finest service and the best holiday apartments in Tel Aviv.

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