Holiday Apartments & Short Term Rental Furnished Apartments in Tel Aviv

Less money more space, the look of a hotel, the feel of home
What to look for, what is offered, and how much it costs you

The Concept of Short Term Rentals
Short Term Rentals have become quite a familiar topic around the world today. In Tel Aviv it has become a very popular concept only in the past couple of years. It supplies you with a hotel alternative. One of the biggest reasons that people usually prefer to rent a short term apartment vs. a hotel is usually because it is less expensive. Renting even a high end luxurious apartment will save you between 30-50% on every night you will be staying in the city. Other than the fact that it is less expensive, which is indeed a great reason to rent an apartment and not hotel, there is also the concept of at home privacy which you will never get at a hotel. In addition there is also the space issue that you run into at most hotels where you will pay double the price for half the space that you can get in an apartment. In an apartment you will get the luxury of a living room that you can have guests over in and a fully equipped kitchen. The apartments are fully furnished and come with AC wireless internet cable LCD televisions and fresh sheets and towels.

Short term rentals – What is offered and what to look for
Holiday apartments, vacation apartments, Studio apartments, 2 bedrooms, 3 bedrooms, furnished apartments with fully equipped kitchens for business or pleasure. Penthouse or duplex apartments, with a balcony or yard in a Bauhaus building. Luxurious suits, Close to the beach, on the beach, view of the beach, close to here and close to there. The supply of short term apartments is getting bigger and bigger by the day. More apartment owners have been showing interest in renting out for short term. There are plenty of options whether old or new, big or small, expensive or cheap. Depending on the type of vacation, amount of people and amount of money willing to be spent, there is an apartment out there that can suit your need.

The different companies and what to look out for
Everyone claims that they have apartments at the highest quality there is and they all have a tendency to misuse the term "5 star" , "in a central location", and "5 minutes from the beach" (5 minutes? By car, by bike, by bus or by boat? – 5 minutes by foot is equivalent to 500 meters, so don’t let anyone confuse you) Whoever doesn’t have a website showing all of their apartments probably isn’t that serious so don’t let them fool you when they say they have 20 apartments or more. Majority of people that rent out single apartments independently, and 99% of people do that, rent out these apartments without the permission of the landlord. Subletting in MOST cases is ILLEGAL. We have heard of many cases in which people we know have had to face the consequences of illegal subletting & rental scams.

How to tell apart between the professional legal companies and the scammer illegal companies.
Let's begin with the first matter of hand, money. The big companies have to support workers, maintenance, and advertisement all year round. This means their prices may be a bit higher to support all of these expenses. When looking at the bigger picture the higher price will guarantee that it is not a rental scam and that the exact apartment you were expecting will be waiting upon your arrival. Don't let the low prices tempt you. After doing a bit of online research you will be able to find the average prices for what you are looking for and when someone offers you a much lower price it should be a hint that it is most likely a rental scam. When it looks too good to be real then it probably is. If the website isn’t appealing and looks cheap that should also be a reason to be cautious. If the advertisement is cheap the apartment is probably equivalent. When analyzing an apartment you should look for many pictures of the apartment from different angles. Always ask to see a contract and request to know who is the owner of the apartment. There are also online advertisement companies that will charge you an additional fee that you can avoid by working directly with management companies. Make sure to always contact the company agents via phone and question them about the apartment to make sure they know what they're talking about. Request to see the apartment before making the down payment. Even if it's only to see if they are willing to show you the apartment prior to your stay. Another way to distinguish between a rental scam or not is by asking to pay via credit card. All of the legal companies will give you the option of paying by credit and most of those companies will have a visa icon on their website.

Holiday apartments - costs, payments, and what is accustomed
After a lot of online researching and contemplating between which company to work with and what apartment to close on, the decision is made to close with a company that is well known. When closing the deal, keep in mind that most of the companies will ask for a down payment in advance, which is completely legitimate. 20% of the total price is appropriate, depending on the duration of stay and how long in advance you book the apartment. Cash payments are always welcome but when it is an overseas matter there are also options of money transfers through a bank or paypal, or payment by credit card. In return you will get a down payment receipt or a contract and a booking confirmation through email. The day of your check in an agent should meet you at the apartment, the rest of the payment will be made upfront to your agent along with the payment of a security deposit which will be given back after your stay, a photocopy of your passport (which shows that you a tourist therefore not paying taxes) and last but not least you will sign a short term rental agreement/contract.

Costs – how much do short term apartments go for in Tel Aviv
Prices are usually offered in dollars, depending on the standard of the apartment, the time of year, the amount of people, and duration of stay. Shown below is an estimate that has been averaged out between different companies:

Month--------------------Week----------# of nights (min. 4)
2000$-3000$-----------650$-750$------------120$-------------------- Studio Apartment
3000$-4500$-----------750$-1100$-----------150$--------------------1 Bedroom Apartment
3500$-5500$-----------900$-1500$-----------180$--------------------2 Bedroom Apartment

Written by TLV2GO, Management Company.