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TLV2GO History:

Since 2010, TLV2GO has been offering furnished apartments to both business and leisure travelers in need of temporary housing.
Starting with one apartment, we leveraged our knowledge of the real estate market in Tel Aviv to acquire and lease apartments in prime locations throughout the city. Since then, we have grown to include stylish, conveniently located apartments across the city.

A legacy of design:

Our diverse portfolio includes Bauhaus buildings, elegant city apartments, deluxe full-service assistance, and luxury beachside apartments, all styled by our in-house design team, that thought about all the small details that will make your vacation unforgettable.
Each of our apartments is equipped with kitchen appliances, fresh towels and linens, shower amenities and free WiFi.

The residential experience:

At TLV2GO, we enable our guests to stay differently. We provide a comfortable, fully furnished and equipped private apartment, plenty of helpful neighborhood information and 24-hour customer service. Because our services—including design, housekeeping, and maintenance—are in-house, we’re able to meet our guests' needs quickly and consistently. While we consider ourselves first and foremost a hospitality company, we're proud to offer a distinctly residential experience for all of our guests.

 About Us:

TLV2GO is a luxury vacation home or short-term luxury rental home company located in Tel Aviv that caters leisure and business travelers from around the world. By introducing the concept of a full concierge service under our supervision, Tlv2go ensures that clients will enjoy the benefits of a hotel while enjoying the privacy of their furnished rental home. Our goal is to provide our guests first class service and to assist them every step of the way in choosing the exact vacation home to fulfill their every requirement whether it's small studio apartment or a luxury four bedroom beachside apartment all in the heart of Tel Aviv city center. From the moment you initially book a luxury apartment, until the moment of check out of that vacation rental, the team at TLV2GO will be at your assistance. TLV2GO offers the unique advantage of matching our travelers with the perfect fit rental, by offering you different rental options ranging from scattered city apartments throughout the city to boutique apart-hotels in different locations. Our diverse collection of furnished apartments are great for couples, families, corporate and groups in need of a couple or more apartments in the same location. Contact us by email or phone if you need assistance picking the best option for you.

Our general welcome office is located in the heart of the city and we offer luggage storage as well as other concierge services to make you feel home away from home during your stay with us.

We offer:

Vacation apartments which can be a great alternative for families who would normally stay in a hotel, and are looking to feel closer to the culture by living between Tel Aviv locals. While at the same time having a more intimate feel of home opposed to the temporary feel you may get at a hotel.

Business apartments which can be great for corporate relocations or for the executive on a temporary job assignment who needs a high-end apartment in a central location for a couple of nights or a couple of months.

Temporary homes which offer an outstanding solution for short-term home displacements, apartment renovations, weekend family gatherings, and for the time gap between real estate closings.

One of the biggest advantages of these short-term rentals is the amount you will save in comparison to a hotel. Compare the cost of TLV2GO's exclusive holiday apartments to a hotel and you will discover significant savings, especially on long term stays. In fact, compare the size and amenities of a TLV2GO holiday apartment to a hotel room and discover that you will get more for less money.

After doing much research we have found recent industry data that shows the increased demand for furnished apartments in Tel Aviv in both the business and leisure markets. As a company that prides itself for having top services, we are in a constant search to expand our portfolio of residences in these prime locations in response to our clients' needs.
Our diverse portfolio includes vintage Bauhaus buildings with renovated interiors, studio apartments, 1 bedroom apartments, 2 bedroom apartments, 3 bedroom apartments, beachfront apartments, and sunny holiday apartments, all stylishly designed, to reach the sophisticated taste of our clients.
TLV2GO was founded in 2010 due to our determination to create a new type of provider for short and long-term rentals that is always available to help with any needs for the tourist who is looking to feel like a local; i.e. recommended restaurants, attractions, nightclubs/pubs, nearest laundromats, car rentals, supermarkets, public transportation, or simply the hippest beach to sit at, at any moment of the day. We have also recently added another service that can help you get in contact with tour guide companies.
At TLV2GO we enable our clients to as the locals do. We provide fully furnished holiday apartments that come with A\C and wireless internet, which provide our clients with a welcoming place to come home to after a fast-paced day.

Please review the amenities information in each separate apartment on the apartment page.


We will provide you with peace of mind knowing that we are here taking care of all your needs.
It will feel like a home away from home and always just a phone call or email away

Feel free to contact our office by phone or email to secure in advance a taxi from the airport or a restaurant reservation during your stay