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Best Prices Guaranteed on our website !

Tel Aviv city

Welcome To Tel - Aviv

Experience a city that never rests, where ceaseless entertainment converges with stunning beaches and a pulsating nightlife. Immerse yourself in a rich and vibrant culinary tapestry, featuring an extensive array of local eateries, cafes, and bars. From bustling street markets to refined chef-driven establishments, this city offers a kaleidoscope of flavors to indulge in.

Discover over 100 exquisite, affordably priced apartments at TLV2GO, perfectly situated in the city’s premier locations. Each building promises a brief stroll to renowned destinations such as Nachalat Binyamin, Rothschild Boulevard, the vibrant Carmel market, the enchanting Yemenite vineyard, and the sun-kissed beach, all nestled at the heart of the city. Whether your stay spans a single night, a fortnight, or a month, our meticulously crafted apartments embody the dreams of comfortable living. Elegantly furnished and adorned, they boast an exceptional standard of hospitality, extending to every meticulous detail — from premium linens and towels to swift, accessible internet and smart connectivity to Netflix. The inclusion of a Nespresso machine with coffee capsules adds a touch of luxury.


Our commitment to service knows no bounds, with round-the-clock, seven-days-a-week availability. Whether you’re in Tel Aviv for business, a short or extended vacation, a romantic escape, a family retreat, or even seeking temporary accommodations for relocation, our thoughtfully designed and fully furnished apartments ensure that the moment you step through the door, you’ll feel right at home.

Introducing the 'Misters' of Tel Aviv:

Nine meticulously furnished and architecturally curated buildings nestled in the heart of the city.
Every apartment boasts distinct characteristics tailored precisely to meet your preferences.
Our range encompasses studio apartments to spacious five-room residences complete with options like pools, balconies, gardens, and parking facilities.

Apartment Type

Our Misters on the map

Mr. Rothschild

allenby 103 tel aviv israel

Mr. Allenby

29 & 52 Allenby St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Ben Yehuda

185 Ben Yehuda St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Brooklyn

288 Dizengoff St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Carmel

9 Nachalat Binyamin St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Katinsky

41 Nachalat Binyamin St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Louis

32 Pinsker St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Montana

107 Ben Yehuda St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Promenade

11 Zrubavel St, Tel Aviv

Mr. Yavos

2 & 5 Yaavetz St, Tel Aviv

TLV2GO Offices

Montefiore St 39, Tel Aviv-Yafo

Explore our magazine for an in-depth look into furnished apartments in Tel Aviv, the ultimate solution for ideal accommodations.

For those who remain unconvinced, we've distilled the key reasons why our apartments are precisely what you're seeking.

Tel Aviv is world famous for its beaches, but did you know it scores major points for its bartenders too?…

Welcome to the fabulous world of day trips from Tel Aviv, where adventure, beauty, and history collide! Tel Aviv may…

Picture this: You find yourself in the bustling heart of Tel Aviv, surrounded by endless excitement and van jungle. Now,…

Here’s why our Tel-Aviv apartments are just what you need

Elevate Your Work Environment:

Within our thoughtfully crafted apartments, discover expansive and inviting work nooks that radiate with inspiration. Enjoy seamless high-speed internet and purposefully designed spaces that facilitate real-time creativity and productivity. Each apartment is thoughtfully outfitted with swift wireless connectivity, abundant electrical outlets, and, in select units, convenient bar tables conducive to work. To top it off, certain apartments even feature a shaded balcony, adding the perfect finishing touch to your ambiance.

Unparalleled Comfort:

When you choose one of our Tel Aviv apartments, anticipate a living experience that mirrors the luxury of a five-star hotel. Our diverse range of furnished apartments is meticulously equipped with every essential detail to ensure comfort and tranquility throughout your stay. Unwind on a cozy sofa while streaming your cherished shows on Netflix, whip up homemade delights in the fully equipped kitchen, and relish in the control of an air conditioning and heating system that accommodates your temperature preferences, regardless of external weather conditions. Most importantly, rejuvenate for a fresh day ahead with the utmost sleep quality, complete with a plush bed adorned in indulgent linens.

Tailored Variety for Every Need:

Our array of TLV2GO apartments caters to all requirements. Whether you’re embarking on a family escapade and seek a spacious three-bedroom abode, or your journey involves business and necessitates a cozy two-bedroom space complete with an inspiration-fueling workspace and robust, high-speed Wi-Fi, we have you covered. Even if you’re venturing solo and yearn for an intimate suite, we’re here to assist you in pinpointing the perfect apartment match. With a diverse collection of over 100 centrally located Tel Aviv apartments, we excel at adapting to your vacation style, guest count, and travel budget, ensuring unparalleled flexibility.

Embrace Authenticity:

Choosing one of our Tel Aviv apartments enables you to immerse yourself in the genuine essence of local living, just like a true Tel Avivian. Renowned for its distinctive and vibrant ambiance, the city offers a tapestry of markets, boutiques, and eateries waiting to be explored when you opt for a short or long-term apartment rental. Here, you can seamlessly integrate into the local rhythm, experiencing the heartbeat of the city.

At any given moment, in every corner, you have the chance to partake in music festivals, art showcases, and theatrical performances – truly savoring the essence of this tirelessly dynamic city that never sleeps.

Seamless Beach Access:

Unwind by the sun-kissed shores with unprecedented ease. Tel Aviv’s stunning beaches are an intrinsic part of the city’s allure for visitors. Opting for a beachside apartment rental ensures effortless proximity to the sandy stretches and pristine waters of Tel Aviv. Our apartments provide a variety of convenient options—stroll, bike, or hop on public transport—to reach the beaches swiftly and hassle-free. Spend your day engrossed in a book, take a refreshing dip, engage in water sports, or relish any activity the Tel Aviv promenade has to offer. As you traverse the waterfront, you’ll uncover a treasure trove of exquisite dining spots, cozy cafes, and inviting bars for a quick caffeine fix or a delectable meal right by the sea. And what better way to conclude your day than basking in the splendor of a sunset, while sipping on a glass of wine or a crisp beer? grab a drink or a bite to eat while enjoying the beautiful views.

Staying in one of our apartments near the beach in Tel Aviv is the perfect way to enjoy the city’s stunning coastline.

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Once you confirm your reservation, here’s how it works: 


Reservation Confirmation:

Thank you for choosing TLV2GO, we’re looking forward to hosting you!

Welcome to our beautifully designed and furnished apartments. We invite our guests to feel at home with our self-serviced apartments, made for convenience. Our check-in is a self-check-in, the entrance is using instructions that are sent in advance. Make sure to follow the process in order to receive all information before your arrival.

We wish you a pleasant stay with us!


A credit card is required to guarantee the reservation. The credit card provided will be charged up to a week before arrival. Should you wish to pay cash or by bank transfer, please make sure to contact us in advance at [email protected] or +972-73-797-1117 ext 1.


Cancellations or changes can be made up to a week (or 2 weeks for some properties) prior to arrival, for standard reservations. Kindly note that monthly reservations and non-refundable rates are subject to different cancellation terms.
Partial refunds are subject to cancellation reasons.
Make sure to contact us at [email protected] for any questions or concerns.


Upload Documents – Meet ‘Wishbox’, Our Secured Platform:
With the help of Wishbox, you’ll be able to upload the mandatory documents easily and safely. In order to send the instructions to the apartment, we’ll be needing a snapshot of your passport (in order to validate that it’s you) and a snapshot of your credit card for the payment method.
You can provide your credit card number through our customer service as well at +972-73-797-1117 ext 1.


‘Operation Instructions’:
Having any trouble operating the apartment? Make sure to contact our office for any issue at +972-73-797-1117 ext 1 or email us at [email protected].


Check-Out Process:
Before checking-out, take another look to make sure you haven’t forgotten anything. Make sure to turn off all electricity (AC, TV, etc), lock all doors, and return the key to the key box. If you have a smart lock, it will lock automatically once the door will close.

Hope to host you again in the future!

House Rules

We are very happy to accommodate you in our apartment and will do our utmost so you will have a great experience. In return, we ask you to follow a few simple yet very important guidelines:

  • Check-In: The check-in time is 15:00 (3 PM) at the earliest.
  • Check-Out: The check-out time is 11:00 (11 AM) at the latest. Please leave the apartment tidy and overall clean – before checking-out kindly empty the trash etc. In the case of an excessively dirty apartment, a fee of US$100.00 will be applicable.
  • Keeping the Quiet: This is a residential neighborhood and there are families with children living in the building. Kindly remain quiet inside the apartment and outside on the balcony every day during the hours 14:00-16:00 (2-4 PM) and 23:00-07:00 (11 PM-7 AM). Under no circumstances is it allowed to have parties, gatherings, loud music, illegal substances, or illegal activities such as Poker rooms in the building perimeters.
  • No Smoking: Smoking is permitted only outside the apartment, on the balcony. Please do not smoke inside the building or the apartment. In the case of smoking inside the apartment, a fee of US$250.00 will be applicable.
  • Garbage Disposal: Please do not leave garbage bags outside the apartment’s door and use the garbage bins downstairs.
  • Apartment Keys: In case of damaging or losing the apartment’s key during your stay, a $35.00 fee will be applicable.