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5 Reasons Why People Love Extending their Stay in Jerusalem

Jerusalem, oh Jerusalem! The city where history oozes from every cobblestone, where ancient stories whisper in your ear, and where you can practically taste the spirituality in the air; the city where extended trips seem to be the norm rather than the exception. But why? Good question. Let’s delve into the top 5 reasons why people just can’t resist staying a little longer in this magical city. And hey, if you’re thinking of joining the ranks of those who say “I’ll just stay a bit more,” remember to look up ‘rent apartment Jerusalem long term‘ to find your perfect home base.

1.Old World Charm Meets Modern Amenities

Jerusalem has this amazing ability to blend the best of both worlds – the old world charm of winding alleyways, ancient architecture, and time-honored traditions, combined with the modern amenities that make life comfortable. It’s like living in a history book with Wi-Fi!


Imagine waking up in a charming old apartment, with stone walls that have stories to tell and wooden beams that have seen centuries pass by. Yet, within a few steps, you’re sipping artisan coffee in a trendy café with lightning-fast internet, planning your day of exploring. It’s the perfect mix of nostalgia and convenience, and it’s precisely why people choose Jerusalem apartment rentals with TLV2GO when planning their extended stay.

2.History Everywhere You Look

You can’t escape history in Jerusalem, and honestly, who would want to? From the ancient walls of the Old City to the iconic Western Wall, this place is a history buff’s paradise. Every corner you turn, you’re greeted by stories of empires, prophets, and conquerors.


And let’s not forget the museums! Jerusalem boasts an impressive array of them. Whether you’re into archaeology, art, or oddities, there’s a museum for you. You could spend months uncovering the treasures hidden within these walls, and trust me, you’ll want to! 


The Yad vaShem Museum, which translates as ‘Name and Hand,’ is taken from a Biblical verse in Isaiah about remembrance. It focuses on remembering those who were lost in the Holocaust, celebrating the heroes who fought against the Nazis and educating people so this type of genocide never happens again. Prepare yourself for sadness and reflection, but don’t miss the profound experience of this incredible place. You will not forget your time here.     


If you’re interested in archaeology, don’t miss The Israel Museum. Touted as one of the world’s top encyclopedic museums, it’s also right next to the Knesset, the Israeli Supreme Court, the Bible Lands Museum and the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. 


Home to one of the world’s largest archaeological collections of the Holy Land, Jewish art and life, it also boasts an impressive array of fine arts, including a vast range of Modern Art, Contemporary Art, Photography, Design and Architecture, Oceanic Art, African Art, Prints and Drawings and Arts of the Americas. 

3.The Food that Dreams are Made of

Oh, Jerusalem, you’ve got us at “hello” with your food scene. It’s not just a meal; it’s a culinary journey through time and culture. The spice-laden aromas wafting through the markets, the sizzle of falafel frying in the streets – it’s a symphony of flavors.


From mouthwatering shawarma to heavenly hummus and tantalizing tahini, Jerusalem’s food scene is a gastronomic adventure you won’t want to end. Plus, the city’s diverse culinary landscape means you can eat your way around the world without leaving town. If you’re extending your stay, you’ll have time to try it all!

4.The Warmth of the People

Jerusalem isn’t just a city; it’s a community. The people here welcome you with open arms, and soon enough, you’ll feel like you’ve got a second family. Whether you’re sharing stories with a local shopkeeper or striking up a conversation with a fellow traveler at a café, the warmth and friendliness of Jerusalem’s residents are infectious.


Before you know it, you’ll be invited to Shabbat dinners, learning how to make traditional dishes, and dancing in the streets during festivals. It’s the kind of place where you come for the history but stay for the people.

5.Spirituality that Moves You

Even if you’re not particularly religious, Jerusalem has a unique way of touching your soul. The spiritual energy here is palpable, whether you’re wandering through the sacred Old City, meditating at the Mount of Olives, or simply taking in the breathtaking views from the Haas Promenade.


There’s something deeply moving about being in a place where so many people have found solace, enlightenment, and inspiration for millennia. It’s like a magnet for those seeking meaning, and many find themselves extending their stay to explore their own spiritual journey.


To sum it all up, Jerusalem isn’t just a city you visit; it’s a city you fall in love with. Its old world charm, modern comforts, rich history, delectable food, welcoming people, and spiritual allure are a potent combination. So, if you’re thinking of staying a bit longer, search our wonderful array of Jerusalem apartment rentals.  At TLV2GO, we’ve got cozy and luxurious covered. You’ll find a corner in this remarkable city that you’ll be reluctant to leave! After all, it’s not just an extended stay; it’s an extended love affair with Jerusalem.

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