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Best Prices Guaranteed on our website !

Best Time to Visit Tel Aviv: Corporate Apartments at a Discount


Like most of the world’s greatest cities, Tel Aviv has distinct tourist seasons. High season is the most popular and expensive, but low season doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll have freezing temperatures or torrential rains. In fact, Tel Aviv has pretty solid sunshine all year round, and you may even prefer the cooler winter temperatures for walking, biking and touring. Low season also means cheaper prices on Tel Aviv Corporate Apartments. Consider combining a work trip with pleasure during the shoulder or low season. You may enjoy yourself a lot more and pay far less.


So when are the Tel Aviv tourist seasons and what’s the best time to travel to Tel Aviv for work?

High Season in Tel Aviv

Summertime is the peak tourist season when most people choose to visit. Not only is it the most expensive time to travel as far as hotel and Tel Aviv corporate apartments go, it’s also the hottest time of the year. Especially August. Think Sweltering. I’m talking outside temperatures that make you feel like you’ve stepped into a steam room at the spa. Highs are around 30 degrees Celsius (86 degrees fahrenheit) with humidity of up to 90 percent! So if you love heat, you’re planning a lie-on-the-beach-sipping-cocktails work/vacation, and you don’t mind paying more, head over to Tel Aviv in peak season (June, July and August). If you enjoy warm summer nights, this is the ideal time to come. Be sure to reserve at least two months ahead as many hotels and furnished corporate apartments are fully booked in the summer season.


If you can avoid this time of year for your corporate trip and you don’t like it hot, it’s probably best to do so. Working in the heat while most of the city is sprawled out on a beach towel is no fun. Then again, if your work constitutes something to do with the vibrant peak season, such as a netflix documentary on Tel Aviv’s underground club scene, for example, then summer may be the best choice. This is also the time of year when you can almost count on zero rainfall. If your work has any connection to outside weather, that’s a huge bonus.

Shoulder Season in Tel Aviv

Many consider the shoulder season the absolute best time to visit Tel Aviv. Cooler temperatures, lower prices and fewer crowds make for a more appealing experience. The shoulder season is either in the fall, between September to November, or the spring, from March to May. Of all the shoulder season months, March has the highest chance of rainfall, but the temperatures are usually still quite warm without being oppressively hot.


As far as Tel Aviv apartments for rent go, the shoulder season offers more selection and lower prices. It’s not as cheap as the low season, but you can still find good deals – especially in March and November. You won’t have the extreme summer crowds, but you’ll still get a lively atmosphere around town and the chance of rain is slim. For many tourists, especially those who hail from colder climates, it’s still warm enough in these months to go to the beach and even to swim.


If you’re traveling for work, this might be the best of all worlds. You’ll get lower prices than summer but still have great weather and plenty to do in your spare time.

Low Season in Tel Aviv

Low season is wintertime in Israel – from December to February. In these months of December, Tel Aviv has the most rainfall and the coldest temperatures. Although it isn’t frequent, you can even have some pretty intense thunderstorms in these months with days and days of heavy rain, massive swells in the ocean and strong winds.


This is the cheapest time to visit the city, however. And if you’re coming for work and don’t mind some rain or gray skies, it might actually be the best option for finding the lowest price on Tel Aviv corporate apartments to rent. The best deals are undoubtedly in the low season, and you’ll find the most choice during these months too.


Thanks to its nonstop, year-round cultural scene, you’ll also still find plenty of things to see and do. If you’re into performances, concerts, museums and shows, the low season in Tel Aviv will still have plenty to offer you! And of course the culinary scene doesn’t stop in the winter either, although you may not be able to enjoy the rooftop scene quite as much as during the rest of the year.


So take stock of your weather requirements, your budget and your desires for the next business trip to Tel Aviv. Consider what you need to accomplish and how the tourist season might help or hinder you in those goals.


If you need some advice or you want to find out what the options are for corporate housing in Tel Aviv for you or a group of employees traveling together, don’t hesitate to contact us at TLV2GO today. We’re happy to help you decide when to visit this amazing city and how to find the best prices on accommodation that suits your business and vacation needs.

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