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Top 5 Israeli Foods to Taste in Tel Aviv


Whether you’re interested in Tel Aviv rentals for an upcoming business trip or vacation, an important piece of research to complete first involves your stomach. After all, eating is necessary for survival. So why not make sure you do it well? 


The White City has some of the best food in the world. You’ll find something to satisfy every budget and every taste around the clock in this non-stop metropolis – from Ethiopian street food to Yemenite delicacies. You could spend your entire vacation just focused on food and never get bored or eat the same thing twice.


But if you’re got limited time or you prefer to get to the best first, there are a few Israeli specialties that you simply should not miss. Here’s the list of Five Must-Try Israeli Foods – and the best place to get them (according to our local, experienced experts).


You’ve probably heard of felafel by now – especially if you’re vegan or vegetarian. But if you’ve never had felafel in Tel Aviv, you haven’t truly had the original goodness. It’s a great source of protein and it’s healthy. Ish–ok relatively healthy (it is deep fried after all). Most traditional falafel is made from ground up hummus beans, parsley and lots of spices then set in a deep fryer in tiny round balls until it’s hot and crispy. Try it inside a pita with chopped israeli salad and cabbage with lots of lemon. Or just eat it plain dipped in a delicious plate of fresh hummus. You simply cannot leave Tel Aviv without tasting this local favorite. It’s perfect street food and for those on a budget, it cannot be topped. For truly the best in Israel and probably the world, head to HaKosem on Shlomo Hamelach Street. You will not be disappointed.


Traditionally served with pickles, a hard-boiled egg, fresh tomato puree, and zhug (a green spice), this Yemenite roll of oily goodness is made from flour, honey, and loads of oil. Deliciously greasy, Israelis often eat it on Saturday and it’s been called the perfect hangover food. It is also vegetarian (and sometimes vegan if it isn’t made with butter). Although no one could really claim that it won’t clog your arteries, your tastebuds will thank you for giving it a try. On weekends, there’s a kiosk on Florentine Street 9 where you can get the best homemade Jachnun called Aviva’s Jachnun. If you can’t wait until the weekend, second best is Hummus Kaspi that serves all week long. You’ll also find some of the best apartments in Tel Aviv right nearby in the Old North neighborhood.


An Israeli favorite – especially on weekends – this pita stuffed with fried eggplant, egg, potato and amba (pickled mango and fenugreek) originated in Iraq. Today the variations are many and according to our local experts, you won’t taste a single sabich that is the same as any other. Each place has its own unique flavor and add-ons. A popular favorite is the cheese sabich at Sabich Tchernichovsky (where a man named Effi is famed for his comparison to the soup nazi on Seinfeld). But if you’re into tradition, Frishman Sabich has been around for many years and serves an unforgettably good, original sabich. Nearby you have Dizengoff Square and some of the best Tel Aviv rentals for work or vacation are situated in this neighborhood close to the beach.


This tomato-based delicacy with soft-boiled eggs often adds hot peppers to bring on the fire. Best eaten with your fingers by dipping pita bread straight into the pan, it’s no longer reserved for breakfast. You’ll find places all over the city serving it into late hours of the night. The locals prefer Shukshuka in the Carmel Market where you can also try a variety of shakshouka variations with mushrooms, salami and even goat cheese. In the Carmel market area, TLV2GO has some of the most beautiful apartments in Tel Aviv for work trips or vacation. The second best shakshuka and a favorite for its location and atmosphere is Dr. Shakshouka, just outside the flea market in Yafo.


Originally invented by the Turkish Jews, today bourekas could be considered the Israeli national food. Omnipresent at every bakery and filled with either cheese, mashed potatoes or spinach and feta, these flaky pastries are beloved by everyone. After all, what’s not to like? Full of fat, they are best eaten piping hot straight out of the oven. Like some of the best food in Tel Aviv, Bourekas Shel Abba (Dad’s bourekas) serves out of a tiny aluminum shack. And although the secret is out on Trip Advisor, you won’t be sorry you made the trip to this little hole in the wall for the tastiest bourekas in Israel. In fact, it’s a nice stroll from the Neve Tsedek neighborhood where you have some of the best Tel Aviv rentals on TLV2GO.


If you’re a food lover, Tel Aviv is a fantastic destination. Not only do you have some of the finest chef restaurants in the world, you also have the best street food imaginable. Especially if you’re watching the wallet, these top 5 must-try Israeli foods won’t break the bank. And your stomach will thank you for the effort! Check out our top locations for Tel Aviv apartments and prepare to treat your tastebuds 🙂

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